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SEO and Digital Gain Increasing Services

Moradam is a premium digital agency focusing on quality, innovation and speed. If you have an online business, you have a website and want to be recognized in a digital environment you can work with us

Moradam, with its expert staff makes your brand known on the internet. Moradam can do SEO work for your website, manage your social media ads, prepare your promotional videos and manage your Marketing department.

For all these services, we have detailed PDF reporting and ONLINE site analysis follow-up services. You can manage your web site or your internet store instantly, from your management panel.

Philosophy of Moradam

Moradam does not only serve high-budget companies. The primary aim for us is to increase the earnings of the people who receive support from us. You can start working with low budgets and upgrade your business earnings. Increasing our customers' earnings is our main goal. Then you will continue your way with us.

Our mission

As a Moradam, unlike other digital agencies, we attach importance to our ONLINE REPORT AND ANALYSIS SYSTEM. With all our words, you'll be able to track your keyword rankings on an hourly basis with our Google rank finder feature. You can store daily ranking reports as archives in your lifetime panel. For example, 5 years ago you can easily follow which position you are.


Digital Marketing Solutions

Moradam is a Digital Marketing Agency offering 360 degree service. In addition to marketing, she provides services in Web design, Social Media Management, Optimization, Content (article) services, Adwords Advertising, PPC, Network Advertising, Business Development and Crisis Management.

Google Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Consulting   
Backlink Service

Backlink Services

Backlink Services   
Site Analysis

Site Error Analysis

Site Error Analysis   
Web design

Fix HTML / PHP / JS Errors

Web Design Error Correction service   
Social media management
Social media management

Social Media Account Management

Social Media Account Management   
Social Media Advertising
SEM / Marketing

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Marketing Operations   
Business Development
Business Development

Internet business development

Idea Generation & Business Development   
Google Adwords Ads
PPC Advertising

Google Adwords Ads

Pay Per Click Ads   
Network Advertising
Network Advertising

Banner on Partner Sites

Banner & Promotional Articles   
Sales Increase
Sales Increase

Sales promotion methods

E-Commerce studies   
Digital marketing
Digital marketing

Internet Marketing

Marketing & Promotion Service   
Google Ban Kaldırma
Crisis management

Solutions suitable for crisis situations

Account recovery, Ban Removal   

All about SEO


You can reach us from the below mentioned communication channels and you can contact us before you place an order.

Moradam İletişim

Telephone Office: 0 212 539 3995
WhatsApp: 0 532 223 6590

Atakent Mah. 241 Sok. Terrace Tema Residence
A Blok Daire:4 Küçükçekmece / İstanbul - Türkiye