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Başakşehir Emin Saraç Kültür Merkezi Beginning of Training
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Free and Certified

SEO Training

1. SEO Training to be performed by Moradam team is free to everyone!
Everyone is invited to the SEO training which will take place in Başakşehir Mehmet Emin Saraç Culture Center between 17-18-24-25 May .


Başakşehir Emin Saraç Kültür Merkezi

SEO Training for Entrepreneurs organized jointly with Başakşehir Living Lab will take place at Başakşehir Emin Saraç Cultural Center.

17 Mayıs: 14:00 - 17:00 | 18 Mayıs: 12:00 - 17:00
24 Mayıs: 14:00 - 17:00 | 25 Mayıs: 12:00 - 17:00

18 Topic, +250 Subheading


According to statistics, 9 out of 10 visitors of a website come from organic searches. This means that if your website's SEO work is not good, your number of visitors will be low. You can reach more visitors by doing SEO work on your website.

Increase your website's organic traffic by taking the 1st place in search engines!

İnternetten para kazanabilirsiniz

For Everyone to Learn SEO

Free SEO Training

Throughout the course of the course, we will examine various websites and identify the errors on your websites and fix them together!
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    What is the point?

    Why Free?

    2019 One of the main sectors of glowing reason we do provide free SEO Training Search Engine Optimization everybody to do their work in a free way to its own website.

    What will we learn in this education?

    • What is SEO?
    • Keyword Analysis
    • In Site SEO
    • Site Acceleration Studies
    • Creating SEO Compatible Content
    • Non-Site SEO
    • SEO Strategies
    • Mobile SEO
    • Wordpress SEO
    • Search Console / Analytics

    * The above titles are just a few of the titles of SEO Training . Please see the Content tab to see all topics.

  • Content

    SEO Training Content

    1. What is SEO?

    2. What is Google Adwords?

    3. Introduction to SEO

    4. Keyword Analysis

    5. Site SEO

    6. Site Acceleration Studies

    7. Files Used in SEO Studies

    8. Google-Understanding META and Various Tags

    9. Creating SEO Compatible Content

    10. Off-Site SEO

    11. SEO Strategies

    12. Mobile SEO

    13. User Experience (UX)

    14. SEO for Wordpress

    15. SEO Add-ons for Wordpress

    16. Various Google Algorithms and Manual Penalties

    17. Google Search Console Guide

    18. Google Analytics Guide

    29. Google's SEO Analysis Tools

    20. Other SEO Tools

  • Location


    Başakşehir Emin Saraç Kültür Merkezi

    Esenyurt Living SEO Training For Entrepreneurs organized in partnership with Labor, will be held at Saddler sure Başakşehir Cultural Center.

    BES Cultural Center is one of the most modern places of culture and art in Başakşehir, which has two salons in world standards with its audience capacity of 870 and 350 people , wide stage and technical equipment.

  • Trainers


    SEO Expert

    Seçkin Talanöz

    Seçkin Talanöz


    Seçkin Talanöz is also the founder of Moradam SEO Agency.


    Volkan Deniz İkiz

    Volkan Deniz İkiz


    Volkan Deniz Ikiz is also an expert in the field of SEO.

    Article Editor

    Salim Kol

    Salim Kol


    Salim Kol, our solution partner for all of our customers' needs, will give trainings on SEO compatible content production.

    Advertising and Marketing

    Serdar Sezen

    Serdar Sezen


    Our advertising and marketing specialist Serdar Sezen specializes in Google Adwords studies and Google Analytics analysis.

  • Join


    Moradam SEO Training

    You can join right away using the form on the right to SEO Training , which will take place from 17-18-24-25 May .

Our sponsors

Our biggest supporters are our sponsors! Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer Free SEO Training and offer gifts to our participants.
Başakşehir Living Lab
Başakşehir Belediyesi

How SEO Studies Are Progressing?

Step by Step SEO Studies

Before starting SEO studies for a website, it is examined in 12 different articles in 4 different main categories.
Competitive Analysis and Planning by Industry
Sector Research
Identification of competitors
Determination of needs
Meeting the expectations of the sector
Goal Setting
Where will you be 1 year later?
Planning and Projecting phase
Planning Phase
Determining time and intensity
Effective Program
Create a to-do list
Custom Settings
Special program only for your site
In-site SEO Error detection and correction
Internal SEO Error Detection
Web site google compatibility
Web Design Error Detection
Repair of code errors
Google Links
Analytics and Webmaster Links
Quality Backlink Promotion and Marketing
In-site SEO Error detection and correction
Backlink Creation Period
Planned promotions
Introduction to news sites
Backlink Control
Clearing links from unwanted sources

All about SEO


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